Return Policy

We will accept returns/exchanges on damaged Filtration Units, Replacement Filters and "Easy Measure" Squeeze bottles within 7 days after being delivered to your shipping address from our warehouse.

We do not accept returns or exchanges on the Adya Clarity mineral solution. If you are unsatisfied with any of our products we encourage you to contact us directly to discuss the situation and we will do our best to remedy the issue. If and when after contacting us we do issue a return you will be responsible for your original cost of shipping that you incurred through our online store along with the return shipping fees. Each return/exchange is situational unless the product is damaged upon arrival to your doorstep from our warehouse as discussed above. If you have any questions regarding our return policy we encourage you to contact us before making your purchase. Contact information for Returns/Exchanges: email: or phone: 419-410-9302 to review your return/exchange request on the Adya Clarity mineral solution.

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