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Adya®'s Philosophy

Adya® Inc. is a Company dedicated to providing you with the best ionic minerals nature has to offer. Our minerals have a powerful energy that not only destroys bad bacteria and removes chlorine, but also electrically energizes water which in turn energizes your body.

This amazing ability is something that happens in nature every day. We see it in plants, volcanoes, and even in the atmosphere. This energy can only be possible when we have minerals in an ionic state. Minerals are the carrier for energy and the communication device for life. Without minerals, life would simply not exist. Plants, animals, humans and even water become unstable and have symptoms when the proper minerals are not present in an ionic form.

Most people do not realize that acid by definition is positively charged hydrogen. In nature, this acid is the charge that is used to properly charge minerals. Acid has the innate ability to raise the available oxygen levels in water. This special ability keeps unwanted bacteria from taking over the liquid environment which in turn would eventually take over any host of life.

This crucial balance in nature is essential for a balanced biological system. Unfortunately, the entire planet is showing signs of being off balance. Plant life in the oceans are smaller, taking in less carbon dioxide and releasing less oxygen. More and more fish die every year due to the lack of oxygen in water. Humans and animals are now faced with sicknesses that only seem to escalate. Water in nature is the sickest that it has ever been. There must be an answer and we must do something now before it is too late. It all starts with those who caused the problems in the first place, and we need to make dramatic changes in our personal and business lives.

Adya® now has a sulfate mineral solution that adds the balance back in water. It has been proven that our mineral solution has the power to oxygenate, mineralize, and restore the energy in water. Imagine what we could do for a lake, a stream, farming, and even ourselves. We can help make corrections in drinking water, agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture. We are willing to work with others to get this job done. It all starts with us!

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Master Distributer of Adya Clarity.


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